Client acceptance of the general terms of hire as specified below is inherent to the hiring of furniture :


All prices exclude VAT for the duration of the show or for a 15 days period.

The leaseholder is responsible for the furniture as soon as it is delivered to the removal. The leaseholder should use the rented furniture according to its usual destination and should not do anything which could damage the furniture. The leaseholder is responsible for all damage. All claim on the state of the furniture should be forwarded to ALISES within 24 hours after the opening of the show to be taken into account. ALISES removes the furniture as soon as the show is closed.

In order to be booked, all order shall be done by a written order form or by fax. Full payment to be enclosed with the order by credit card or bank transfer.

An order which has been booked and which is refused when delivered will be invoiced except if it is amended by a written document 48 hours before the show opening.

All claim on invoicing should be done within 10 days to be taken into account.

The leaseholder makes the necessary to withdraw from the furniture all objet, documentation or order form which belong to him. ALISES is not responsible for the previously mentioned document being damaged of disappearing.


In case of circumstances outside of control, ALISES is entitled to provide remplacement furniture for the same value or better quality than ordered furniture.

The references of the stand should be clearly specified on the order form in order to make the delivery of the furniture easier. The delivery and the removal of the furniture is done by us when it concerns an official show in the Parisian area and are free of charge only in that case. The furniture is considered as safely delivered as soon as ALISES has put in on the stand indicated by the leaseholder. In case of a delivery made after the official opening of the show, or done on a Sunday, a bank holiday or outside working hours, a special freight will be invoiced in addition to the standard invoice. According to our requirements of delivery, supply freight can be invoice if the order is lower than 500€.


The insurance is mandatory. It covers robbery but no damages. In case of a refusal to suscribe to the insurance, the fiability of the leaseholder is engaged in case of damage or disappearance of the furniture. Furniture is under the responsibility of the leaseholder and would be invoiced at their remplacement value in case of robbery or damages.

All claim will be submitted to the Court (Tribunal de Commerce) from Seine & Marne which is competent.

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